7 ways to throw an eco-friendly and ethical hen party

Throwing a hen party is such a quintessential part of adult life once your friends start getting married so why not make it eco-friendly?

This really easy guide will help you to save money as well as being greener and more ethical when making your hen party choices.

Ladies on a hen do, iStock
Ladies on a hen do, iStock

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Here are my 7 really easy tips and tricks for throwing an eco-friendly and ethical hen party that you and your friends will love!

1. Ditch the tat and the T-shirts

Instead of buying willy straws and t-shirts, why not try an experience instead? Things that I’ve done on a hen do that were both fun AND naughty were pole dancing lessons and hiring a butler in the buff. Other fun activities include lap dancing, burlesque, eating a three-course meal and wine tasting. An added bonus is that you won’t get turned away by clubs for obviously being part of a hen party.

2. Share transport or take the train

Instead of flying or travelling separately why not go together or take the train? Even if you’re going abroad, there are some great train deals that you can get, it’s better for the environment plus there’s no hassle at the airport!

3. Try an eco-friendly getaway

If you are going away for your hen party, consider choosing an eco-friendly resort or hotel. Eco resorts can be absolutely beautiful with incredible food so it’s well worth looking into deals on eco-friendly getaways.

If you want to know how to judge the eco-credentials of your accommodation then check out my handy guide.

4. Do a charity shop

If you want an outfit to wear, or you want to pick up anything for the party then why not try a charity shop? You’ll be amazed at the gems that you can find on the High Street when you’re rooting around.

If you don’t find anything in charity shops on the High Street, you can always check out Oxfam online for great secondhand dresses and other bits:

5. Buy handmade gifts

If you do want to purchase a keepsake from the hen do, then why not find something handmade on Etsy?

The great thing is that as well as supporting independent craftspeople, you can also get personalise gifts that will be something that your friends will really treasure.

6. Try a sustainable spa

Going to the spa together can be a wonderful bonding experience so why not try a massage in a sustainable spa? Many spas now have natural and organic products that they use, so you can avoid nasty chemicals and relax even more.

If you want to have an DIY pamper session, then try products with organic and fairtrade ingredients (like the Body Shop) as well as wonderful plastic-free or ocean waste brands. Having an eco-friendly facial, haircare routine, manicure, or pedicure never felt so good!

If you want to know more, then check out these eco-conscious UK beauty brands that you need to know about.

7. Make your own fun

If you want to have a cheap, fun and low environmental impact activity, then why not try doing some crafts? You can make great stuff, including wedding favours or decorations, from things you all have lying around the house, especially if you have kids.

It sounds tacky, but there are some great things that you can make. If you want to make some DIY crafts then there are loads of hen party ideas that you can follow on Pinterest. You can even go to a specific class and learn to decorate underwear, shoes, make bouquets or even garters.

Do you have any tips for a more eco-friendly hen party that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 ways to throw an eco-friendly and ethical hen party
7 ways to throw an eco-friendly and ethical hen party
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