11 ethical and eco-friendly baby presents for a little person that you love

If you have a lovely little person in your life, and want to get them a gift for their birthday or for Christmas then there are some wonderful ethical and eco-friendly gifts available!

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Happy Baby in nature, iStock
Happy baby in nature, iStock

Here are 11 eco-friendly or ethical baby gifts to get for a little person that you love:

1. Handmade stuffed toy

Handmade toys are full of love and often made using local or recyclable materials! Etsy is a great place to find all manner of stuffed animals like this gorgeous llama.

2. Handmade clothes

Etsy is also a great place to find cute hats and scarves for wintertime or dressing up! Cute hats like the one below are snuggley and unbear-ably adorable.

3. Preloved clothes

You can get awesome brands that are secondhand online and many things have barely been worn. Check out Preloved for great quality buys without the guilt or cost of buying new clothes!

4. Fair trade or secondhand toys

Charity shops on the high street are a great place to find secondhand clothes and toys. Just make sure to clean toys and check that there is no damage to them. Look for respected brands and avoid cheap plastic toys with small parts. You can also look on Oxfam online:

5. Plant a tree

A tree is a wonderful environmental gift for anyone of any age. Reforesting is vitally important in fighting climate change and nothing makes you feel more special and loved than your own tree.

6. Organic clothes

If you want to buy something new, then I recommend the brand Frugi, who make eco-conscious and organic baby clothing. Their outerwear is also created using recycled plastic bottles, which is a great way to use up the plastic waste we’ve created in the past.

7. Organic bath products

Organic bath products are great for babies sensitive skin and they contain less nasty chemicals. The companies that make these products like Green People, are also much more ethical than brands that use formaldehyde and asbestos in baby products.

8. Make a gift

There are so many cute baby gifts that you can make for either the little one or it’s parent, many of which are really easy! It’s also a great opportunity to upcycle bits from around the house. Check out this article from FeltMagnet with loads of ideas!

9. Sew a really simple quilt

The instructions for my really simple quilt are the most popular thing on this website, because it really is sew easy! All you need are fabric scraps and a sewing machine and you’re good to go. It’s a great gift to create memories and really fun to make.

Check out create and craft if you need any supplies for your quilting quest!

10. Recycled toys

Recycled toys are increasingly popular and there are loads of different ones available at Natural Collection. You can also peruse sustainable clothing and other gifts while you’re there!

11. Coffee for the parents

If you would like to get a gift for a parent of a little person in your life, then I really recommend good coffee as a gift! If they like ethical coffee then try PACT, for directly traded coffee plus paraphernalia right to their door:

What are your favourite eco-friendly or ethical baby products? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 ethical and eco-friendly baby presents for a little person that you love
11 ethical and eco-friendly baby presents for a little person that you love


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