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11 small acts of activism to save the world’s wildlife

The short reason why I’ve written this guide is that we’re still approaching the tipping point of mass extinction of one million species and we need to fight for our wildlife!

This is the time to vote for a better world, for ourselves and for wildlife. We are more empowered to be activists than ever before, as the world starts to wake up to the issues we’re facing.

If we don’t act for wildlife, it won’t be there for the next generation, and that’s a tragedy too incomprehensible to accept.

Now that activism and environmentalism have gone mainstream, here are 11 small acts of activism that you can do RIGHT NOW to make the world a better world for wildlife.

Proboscis monkey in Borneo
Proboscis monkey in Borneo

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1. Pick up litter

Litter kills wildlife, both directly and indirectly. Hedgehogs get caught in drinks cups and turtles become wrapped in nets. Whether you clean up your street, a beach or your own driveway, you are saving lives. You can even organise a litter pick in your local area or speak to your local council if litter is causing a problem near you.

2. Create a wildlife garden or green space

Whether you let your own garden go wild, put plants on your balcony or go out seed bombing, every piece of green space counts for wildlife!

We made our garden into a wildlife reserve by installing a pond, bird boxes, wildflowers and trees and it’s now full of frogs, toads, birds, foxes, hedgehogs, dragonflies and butterflies.

3. Donate to forest construction

The World Land Trust is buying land around the world to make into forests, a project that is approved by David Attenborough himself. Reforesting is our best weapon against climate change and it provides a necessary haven for our vulnerable wildlife.

4. Support the end dirty palm oil production

Unsustainable palm oil production is a major problem for rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia. I’ve just been to Borneo and there are palm plantations and deforestation everywhere. Sign this petition to demand that palm oil be harvested sustainably to protect precious wildlife.

5. Email your MP

Whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email, speak to your MP about keeping nature and climate change on the agenda. This will make sure that environmental protections are robust as well as increased and implemented in your area as well the rest of the UK.

6. Petition to halt deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the one of the largest areas of rainforest that we have left, it’s also a vital carbon sink so it’s in our interests to keep those trees in the ground. Decreased deforestation will greatly benefit the tribes that live there, wildlife, potential medicines and climate change. Sign this petition to ask the EU and the UN to halt Amazon deforestation.

7. Support the single use packaging ban

As well as saying no to single use plastics, cups, styrofoam and other non-recyclable items, we need a worldwide ban on the production of waste packaging.

European countries are bringing in a ban on some items to be implemented in the next two years, so call on the UK government to charge a levy for single-use cups as they are not yet included.

8. Buy organic to save the bees

Pesticides are major pollutants that affect our wildlife, especially our bees that are vital to pollinate our foods. By saving the bees, we are saving ourselves and protecting our health by avoiding nasty chemicals.

9. Support restoration of coral reefs

Buy a bracelet from 4ocean who are working with the coral restoration fund to pull trash from the ocean.

When snorkelling or swimming in the ocean, make sure to use reef safe sunscreen and follow these other tips to avoid damaging fragile coral ecosystems.

10. End overfishing and eat sustainable seafood

The oceans can’t provide an endless amount of fish which means that we’ve severely depleted fish stocks. Sign this petition to ask the EU to take action against overfishing with better regulations.

Check out this sustainable seafood to find out the best fish to eat in order to preserve fish stocks.

11. Join an environmental campaign group

If you want to take your activism to the next level, then join a campaign group and take to the streets. Each protest is bigger and better than the last, as we stand in the footsteps of the suffragettes by demanding a better world. I’ll see you there.

Let me know how your small acts of activism for wildlife go, I’d love to hear your inspirational tales of activism!

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11 small acts of activism to save the world’s wildlife
11 small acts of activism to save the world’s wildlife
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