11 things you have the power to do right now to stop climate change

I don’t need to tell you that we are in the midst of a climate crisis and its hard to know what you can do as an individual to combat it. The good news is that there are many things you can do to help make our planet a cleaner and greener place to live.

Here are 11 things you have the power to do right now to stop climate change:

Planet Earth on fire, iStock
Planet Earth on fire, iStock

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1. Use your vote

Vote for a political party with the most robust environmental policies and ask that they are implemented if they gain power in government. Otherwise, tell your government to create better environmental policies while they’re in power, like reducing harmful air pollution for example.

2. Change to green energy

If you change your electricity provider to green energy then you are voting for a better world by turning the grid green. There are increasing numbers of clean energy suppliers in the UK and I use Bulb Energy.

3. Buy less, buy second-hand and buy ethical

The clothing industry is one of the most filthy on planet Earth and when I was in Bangladesh, the river was black from the chemicals used for fast fashion. The second-hand clothing market is booming in the UK as a result of the backlash against throwaway fashion so there have never been more opportunities to buy ethically. If you are able, then there are also loads of opportunities to buy Fairtrade and organic nowadays.

4. Demand a better world on every day and with every action that you able

If you’re sick of plastic (and most of us are), then tweet your supermarket and demand they get rid of it. Ask your employer what energy supplier they use or start buying Fairtrade coffee. Demand a better world in any way you can in any way that you are able.

5. Support the world’s wildlife

The world’s wildlife is in grave danger and climate change is one of the many manmade reasons why this is the case. Join organisations like the RSPB, WWF, the Marine Conservation Society and the Wildlife Trusts to find out what you can do to save British wildlife.

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6. Support activists that are fighting climate change

Join Extinction Rebellion and march against climate change.

Climate change protest, iStock
Climate change protest, iStock

7. Eat less meat and dairy

Animal products cost the planet in terms of water, methane, fossil fuels and land used which means that its a carbon-heavy way to eat. If you want some vegan and vegetarian meal inspiration then I really recommend the BBC Good Food website for easy recipes.

8. Bank and invest ethically

If you’re investing money in anything, whether it’s your pension or your current bank account then look at who they’re investing in. Triodos is currently one of the most famous ethical banks in the UK. Check out this guide to the best ethical accounts that you can use in Britain.

9. Use public transport

By supporting public transport, you are putting money into vital infrastructure that will cut carbon for everyone as people will leave their cars at home if there are options available. Not only that, but if you use trams or the tube then you won’t get stuck in traffic.

10. Fly less

Air travel is currently very carbon-heavy but hopefully, this is something that will change as solar-powered aeroplane technology improves. If you do need to fly and sometimes it is difficult to avoid, then consider offsetting your carbon afterwards.

11. Educate yourself and others

Support the scientists, activists and journalists who are researching, fighting for and writing about the effects of climate change. People like Greta Thunberg, Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, Chris Packham, David Attenborough and many more besides. Spread the word about the science of climate change to educate others as to the fate of the planet if we don’t act now.

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What are your tips for a cleaner and greener planet? Share your ideas with the community in the comments below!

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11 things you have the power to do right now to stop climate change
11 things you have the power to do right now to stop climate change


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