11 books that will make you want to fight for the planet

Climate change is happening and the planet needs us to fight for it more than ever before, and yet it’s never been more difficult to fully understand the impact that we’re having.

Luckily for all of us, there are some incredible activists, journalists and scientists out there who’ve written books to help motivate and educate the rest of us.

I’ve been reading my little socks off and these are the some of the best books that I’ve read that are all about saving the planet and the damage we’ve created.

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Here are my recommendations for 11 books that will make you want to fight for the planet:

1. Turning the Tide on Plastic

In the UK alone, we use 38.5 million plastic bottles every day. By 2050 there may be more plastic in the ocean that fish. This is why we need Lucy Siegle to educate us as many of us believed our plastic was being recycled. Spoiler: It isn’t. This excellently researched book contains all the information you need about the ‘new smoking‘ and tips on how to cut down your consumption.

2. No one is too small to make a difference

You won’t be surprised to learn that Sharon’s famous speeches have been made into a book that is a rallying cry for climate change activism. But it shouldn’t just be young people like Greta Thunberg who are fighting for the environment and this manifesto may persuade you to do just that.

3. Capitalism vs. the climate

Naomi Klein is an incredible investigative journalist and author who wrote the brilliant book No Logo. I remember reading it whilst I was at university and it’s still one of my favourite books. Now she’s written This Changes Everything about the relationship between capitalism and the climate. She digs deep into the way greed keeps us hooked on things like dirty fossils and the ways that people are fighting back around the world. Despite the devastating nature of the news that she’s delivering, Klein still leaves you with a sense of optimism.

4. Feral

George Monbiot is another established environmental activist and writer who inspires us to treat the world better. Feral is his story of engaging with nature by going on a deep and personal exploration of what is left of the wild world. He shares fascinating scientific insights to inspire us all to allow the plants and wildlife who share their earth with us to thrive.

5. This is not a drill

Extinction Rebellion is one of the foremost climate change movements in the UK, and they’ve quite rightly published a handbook. This is our last chance to save the world, and one of the ways we can achieve that is by rebelling. Delve into this book to feel empowered to do just that.

6. There is No Planet B

Mike Berners-Lee has written a handbook to the world’s environmental problems to explain to us all what we must do to tread more lightly on our precious planet. As Mike says, we are living in the make or break years where climate change presses more heavily on us every single day. There are other issues to consider – plastics, antibiotics, fracking and eating meat but luckily for us, he explains them all and offers solutions.

7. The Unhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells has written the story of the future and the reality is pretty grim as climate change becomes speedier and scarier. We’re in the Anthropocene era, which is completely defined by the ways that humans have ruined the world. It’s a terrifying book that documents all the ways that climate change will transform the world from ‘the land of plenty’ to a land of very little.

8. How bad are bananas?

How bad are bananas? is one of the first books that I ever read that was specifically about the environment and it is another Mike Berners-Lee special. This book is all about the carbon footprint of so many different things that are a part of everyday life, from food to the World Cup. It will help you to consider your impact in a whole new way.

9. Cradle to cradle

Cradle to Cradle is another classic book on environmentalism from recent times. Michael Braungart and William McDonough are a chemist and architect respectively. This means they are well placed to discuss how things are made and what happens to them when they no longer work. They suggest ways to redesign the world by creating valuable products and eliminating waste. It’s a great read as it makes you reconsider how the world works and the ways we can innovate for a sustainable planet.

10. How to break up with fast fashion

Lauren Bravo is a lifestyle journalist and author who specialises in fashion reporting. Every year 300,000 tonnes of used clothing ends up in landfill sites in the UK and fast fashion companies keep pumping out clothes all the same. Bravo lays out the toxic effects of the industry on the environment and our bank balance, as well as giving you easy and helpful tips to break up with the fast fashion industry for good, while still staying stylish.

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11. Rewild Yourself

Simon Barnes is an author and journalist who has written over 20 books, with a focus on nature and the environment. There’s a lot to be said for appreciating what is left of our natural world and this book will encourage you to really look out for it. Use his techniques and tips for seeing species you may not have seen before and take some moments out of your day to rewild yourself.

What are your recommendations for books about the environment and saving the planet? Share them in the comments below!

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11 books that will make you want to fight for the planet
11 books that will make you want to fight for the planet
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