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Lockdown fun: Play Birdy Bingo with your kids!

Watching birds is an easy and free way to occupy bored kids and they’re learning about nature too. Lockdown has got many of us out and about in our local neighbourhoods and there’s been a huge surge of interest in the wildlife around us as a result.

I’ve been birding for years around Manchester and I never fail to be amazed at the birds and other creatures that turn up in the green spaces in our cities. That’s why I’ve put together this Birdy Bingo card with 39 of the most commonly seen birds that share our towns and cities in the parks, lakes, rivers and trees.

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This is designed with young people or children in mind or you can play as a family. Just print or download this sheet to a phone or tablet, mark off the birds as you see them and add up your scores at the end to see how you all did. You could even make it a competition if you wish.

Download your free Birdy-bingo-card here, to get the PDF directly to your phone or computer with no email address required!

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