About Me

    • I’m a traveller, journalist, writer and blogger. I am interested in global issues, wildlife and the environment.
    • I am the author of the Backpacker Confessions series – Girl vs Latin America and Girl vs Europe. I’m currently working on Girl vs South Asia.
    • I work in the media industry and I have worked on TV shows such as Look North, The Let’s Go Club, Hollyoaks, Blue Peter, Saturday Mash-Up! and for brands such as BBC Bitesize, BBC iWonder, BBC Homepage, CBBC, 5live and CBeebies.
    • My specialist knowledge includes world travel in Latin America, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, ethical travel, eco-friendly travel, birdwatching in the UK, UK travel, making content for children, sewing and craft making.
    • I have personal experience of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, OCD and self-harm.
    • On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook I can be found at @landofsize.
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Speaking about my career at the Bitesize Schools Tour
Speaking about my career at the BBC Bitesize Schools Tour

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I am interested in eco-friendly travel including eco-resorts and overland travel. I am keen to support brands that are eco-conscious, sustainable and plastic-free. As a vegetarian, I am also interested to hear about vegetarian and vegan travel options.