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It’s finally here! So many hours have gone to this and I’ve loved every second!

‘On my way to meet him I saw Andrew and I told him that I was going to lie to Steph. He told me not to do it but at this point, it was already too late’

In 2008 Jennifer successfully persuaded her friend Steph to come to South America with her, starting in Chile. They experienced the epic highs and awful lows that every traveller will know: hunger, boredom, fear, and euphoria. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last and they split in Ecuador.

Jennifer continued alone, covering 4,776 miles without flying in eleven months on an overland journey that took her from Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego to Nicaragua’s city of León.

She drank too much, had unsuccessful relationships with men, nearly drowned on Ipanema beach, was vomited on by a man on a bus and had a monkey look her dead in the eye while it masturbated. This is not to mention the night at the strip club, getting naked with a stranger in a shaman’s shed and watching grown men give mouth-to-mouth to poultry at a cockfight.

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